I Wish

Stevie Wonder doesn’t get near the credit he deserves for changing the way music was made in the 20th Century. Early in his career, he had a show down with the production engineers at Motown. He went straight to President Berry Gordy Jr. and said “Listen, here’s how this is going down. I MAKE the music. And I make it the way it sounds in MY head. After that, it’s your job to do whatever you want with it. That’s how it is, or else I’m out.”

Thankfully, Stevie got his way and went on to make an astounding portfolio of breakthrough albums in the 1970’s.

For the record, I chose Elton John’s “Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy” as the best album ever made. I may not have been right in the long run, but I think I could still make a pretty good case for it.

Keep those trousers on folks!

Stevie Wonder