Music gives a soul to the universe,
wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination,
and life to everything.


Welcome friends to Big Nick’s Song of the Day. What lies ahead is a journey of incomparable measure. Of light and dark. Humour and sorrow. Popularity and obscurity.

My first favorite song was “Love is Blue” by the Paul Mauriat Orchestra. I was a mere child of three. I soon graduated to “Puff the Magic Dragon” and “The Unicorn”. As the years went by I continued to troll – Beatles, Elton John. Pink Floyd and on to the new wave of Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson. The 1980s brought me The Smiths, REM and then to grunge – Nirvana, Pearl Jam; STP. By my late thirties I was wholly immersed in the back catalogues of classic American jazz, folk, country and bluegrass.

This project began as an exercise in determining what songs I wanted played at my funeral. Eventually it morphed into a strategy for building staff morale at my place of work. My goal was to share some of my most favorite tracks and give my colleagues a peek inside the workings of my mind. As it turns out, most of my co-workers expressed alarm at the state of my mental health. But as word got out, more and more folks tuned in for the ride.

Now I welcome you to jump on board the train. I make no promises, and no apologies. Some songs you will know. Many you will not. Some songs you will like. Many you will hate. But the point is… isn’t music a wonderful thing! Come along with me as we celebrate the melodies and lyrics; the performers and passion; the stories and eccentricity.

What’s next Big Nick?

Time to Find Out…