Cooksferry Queen

For those of you that don’t know him, let me introduce you to Richard Thompson. A note to the production – despite the fact that its sounds like 5 guitars are playing simultaneously, its’ just RT. This track was cut in a single take with no overdubs. He lets it simmer for a while, then brings it up to a full rolling boil.

Richard Thompson

Off-stage, Richard is terribly awkward, and speaks too fast with a stutter. His true means of communication is lyrical – check out these beautiful words of contented submission bordering on worship:


Now my name, it is Mulvaney
And I’m known quite famously
People speak my name in whispers
What higher praise can there be

But I’d trade my fine mohair
For tied-dyes and faded jeans
If she wanted me some other way
She’s my Cooksferry Queen

She gave me one pill to get bigger
She gave me one pill to get small
I saw snakes dancing all around her feet
And dead men coming through the wall

Well, I’m the prince of this parish
I’ve been ruthless and I’ve been mean
But she blew my mind as she opened my eyes
She’s my Cooksferry Queen, yeah

Well, she’s got every rare perfection
All her looks beyond compare
She’s got dresses that seem to float in the wind
Pre-raphaelite curls in her hair

She could get the lame to walking
She could get the blind to see
She could make wine out of Thames river water
She could make a believer out of me

Yes, I’d trade it all tomorrow
All the wicked things I’ve been
She’s my bright jewel of the alley
She’s my Cooksferry Queen

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